Wireless Damper and Airflow Register

Stop spending money heating and cooling empty rooms!

Learn how to reduce your energy bill and increase your comfort.


20-Zone Control and Logic System with integrated Wireless Programmable Thermostat

Simplify  your energy managment system!

Read how you can independently set and control the temperature in every room from one location.


Wireless Home Automation Thermostat

Do you have a large home and get tired of making adjustments to multiple thermostats?

Learn how wireless technology can solve your problem. 


Wireless Remote Thermostat and Temperature Sensor

How can a single thermostat check the temperatures in an entire home?

The answer is it can't!  See how to extend the reach of your energy management system with a remote temperature sensor.

Wireless Zone Control Product Overview

Did you know that up to 50% of your home energy bill is a result of your HVAC system?

The SELECT-AIR SYSTEM HVAC zone control products use wireless technology, infrared temperature sensors and scientifically proven aerodynamic principles to provide room-based temperature controls.   With our HVAC zone control solutions you will only heat and cool selected rooms resulting in less system run time and reduced energy bills. 

Learn about the SELECT-AIR SYSTEM:

  •  The inVENT- wireless damper and airflow controlling register.
  •  The ADVISOR- wireless programmable thermostat with zone control options.
  •  The SUB-ADVISOR- infrared wireless thermostat.
  •  The FLEX- wireless remote thermostat and temperature sensor.

Remote thermostats provide the most accurate measurements using infrared technology 

Most heating and cooling solutions rely on a single centralized thermostat that just can't accurately measure temperatures in multiple locations.  Our wireless hvac zone control solutions use infrared remote temperature sensors so you can make room-based temperature adjustment and program energy efficient settings in every room.

Get more from your hvac zone control system with a wireless programmable thermostat

The SELECT-AIR SYSTEM zone control solution is more than just a programmable thermostat!  Advector Systems's HVAC zone control solution adjusts and balances your heating and cooling needs in every room to deliver comfortable and energy efficient results.

Replace outdated metal air registers with the inVENT custom air distribution vent

Metal HVAC vents are ugly...replace them with the inVENT!  The inVENT is constructed using high grade primary ABS plastic and is designed to blend in with other modern devices for a sleek and stylish look. The circular shape and low profile design is easily paintable to address the need for custom features and has the ability to reduce noise and eliminate direct drafts. 

Cut HVAC zone control installation time by up to 60% with wireless HVAC dampers

HVAC Zone Control used to be expensive to install.  Not anymore!

The wireless technology of the SELECT-AIR SYSTEM zone control solution reduces installation costs for homeowners and minimizes complexity for contractors.  Our system can be installed faster, with less labor and without the need to access the attic.