Optimized HVAC airflow

Energy efficient HVAC register airflow

The inVENTs horizontal airflow evenly distributes air in a 360 degree pattern to help eliminate hot and cold spots and provide more balanced temperatures.

See the airflow in action!

HVAC Airflow Aerodynamics

Are you tired of ugly metal vents?  We are!

Traditional air registers are generally designed to “throw” or direct conditioned air down and into the room resulting in uncomfortable direct register drafts and causing home owners to sacrifice comfort and energy efficiency.

The inVENT register improves HVAC effectiveness and the wireless version controls HVAC system pressure, velocity and the direction of the condition air to maximize comfort and efficiency. The inVENT was designed to provide a fully adjustable range of open/close settings for improved HVAC balancing and to offer improved air mixing and the elimination of direct register drafts.

Energy efficient airflow examples for HVAC zone control

inVENT Wins over Metal Register Performance
The inVENT delivers evenly distributed airflow

inVENT's Superior Cross Sectional Airflow
The inVENT reduces uncomfortable register drafts

See the Airflow in Action

Horizontal Airflow Animation