Wireless HVAC Home Automation System

Are you ready for HVAC zone control products that... 

  • Decrease your energy usage
  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Allow for room-based temperature settings  

Benefits of HVAC Home Automation

Cost effective HVAC control with the inVENT manually adjustable registers

Not quite ready for a fully automated HVAC zoning system.  Not problem.  Check out the top benefits of the inVENT manually adjustable HVAC register:

  • Save Money - Stop heating and cooling empty rooms.
  • Look Good - Its time to replace your old metal vents.
  • Improve Comfort - Evenly balance the temperatures in your home.
  • Easy Installation - Installs in minutes.
  • Be Green for Less Green  - Reduce energy usage without spending a fortune.

Control room temperatures with wireless HVAC automation

HVAC Balancing with wireless zone control Do you have some rooms in your home that get too hot while others get too cold? 

The SELECT-AIR SYSTEM HVAC zone control solution can monitor temperatures in every room and help direct conditioned air to the rooms you use the most.   No more paying to heat and cool empty rooms or running your HVAC system for extended periods of time to try and balance temperatures to meet your comfort goals.


Advanced wireless dampers optimize airflow through HVAC zone control

Traditional HVAC air registers often cause conditioned air to be distributed unevenly…leading to increased system run time, higher energy bills, direct register drafts and inconsistent temperatures.  By controlling the pressure, velocity and angle at which the conditioned air enters the room, the SELECT-AIR SYSTEM HVAC zone control solution creates superior air mixing that reduces direct drafts, increases comfort and supports savings of up to 40% on your heating and cooling costs.  

Wireless technology simplifies HVAC zone control installation

The SELECT-AIR SYSTEM HVAC zoning solution was designed with simple installation procedures and no need to access the attic.

  • The ADVISOR wireless thermostat replaces existing wall thermostats without any electrical modifications and has the ability to control up to 20 zones.
  • The FLEX remote thermostat connects simply to any room outlet. 
  • The inVENT wireless damper replaces existing metal air registers using nothing more than a screwdriver.

All components of the SELECT-AIR SYSTEM HVAC zone control are wireless so running additional power or interconnect wires is not required.

Wireless automation will reduce your energy bills with HVAC zone control

Reduce energy costs by up to 50%The SELECT-AIR SYSTEM HVAC zone control solutions use of advanced integrated technology has been tested to reduce your heating and cooling bill by up to 40%.

  • Wireless Communications
  • Superior Airflow Distribution
  • Energy Efficient Automation
  • Energy Saving Programming
  • Infrared Temperature Monitors
  • Room-Based Temperature Sensors



Monthly Energy Bill
 HVAC %  Monthly HVAC Costs Advector Savings %
Advector Monthly Savings $
Advector Yearly Savings
 $300  50%  $150  40%  $60  $720
 $400  50%  $200  40%  $80  $960
 $500  50%  $250  40%  $100  $1,200
 $700  50%  $350  40%  $140  $1,680
 $800  50%  $400  40%  $160  $1,920
 $900  50%  $450  40%  $180  $2,160
 $1,000  50%  $500  40%  $200  $2,400
$1,100 50% $550 40% $220 $2,640
$1,200 50% $600 40% $240 $2,880